May 12, 2017

It’s a “C-D” Day!

Happy (early) Birthday to Caleigh Brousseau who will be celebrating her birthday tomorrow. 

Welcome to the Following Guest Staff: Kate Liu, Jessica Campbell, John Allen MacLean, Bryanne MacLeod. 

Today’s Highlights:

  • If you can be excused by your teachers, the following students are asked to go to Mr. Kelly’s room at 11:20: Reiley MacDonald, Hannah Annear, Chloe Murphy, Dexter Fraser.
  • Those students who missed Mr. Trainor’s BIO 521 test will write today at lunch (11:45).
  • Prom Committee Meeting today at 12 in Room 87.
  • Bake Sale in the Cafeteria during lunch break. Proceeds will go to Disney Choir.
  • Today in the Cafeteria: BBQ chicken pizza slice with a side Caesar salad and a small cookie, donair pizza, ranch taco wraps. 


  • Next Ball Hockey Intramurals Game is Monday: KCK Girls vs Billy Nilly
  • Women’s Softball team is leaving today at 2:00pm.
  • Triathlon reminder: Saturday’s training session is a bike and run at 8 am, starting at the school. Monday’s training session is a swim, bike and run at 3:30pm, starting at the pool. 

Upcoming Events:

  • Monday in the Cafeteria: Goulash served with side salad and garlic breadstick, hamburger pizza, Thai chicken wraps.
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