May 8, 2017

It’s a “C-D” Day!

Happy Birthday to Lindsay Birt and Nicolle MacDonald. Belated greetings to the following students who celebrated their birthdays over this past weekend: Nolan Hicken, Daniel Martin, Allison Vandaele, Sarah MacMaster. 

Welcome to the Following Guest Staff: Adam Gauthier, Hailey Batchilder, Marla McCarron.  

DELF and Library:

  • The school library and all of the seminar rooms will be CLOSEDduring the week May 8-12th due to DELF exams being written.
  • Study Block students will use Room 85to work all week, as cafeteria will be off limits due to Musical production.
  • Room 85 will also be supervised for quiet study only during lunchtime by usual staff.
  • Work location for Distance Education students will remain the same.
  • If students require the use of a computer to print duringlunchgo to Learning Centre Room 95.
  • The chrome book cart and sign out sheet will be stored in Learning Centre Room 95 as well this week, but available for sign out by staff as per usual
  • Library will be open each morning 8:15 to 8:45am. Please plan accordingly.
  • Should the library not need to close on Thursday & Friday, an announcement will be made those mornings.
  • We apologize for any inconvenience.

 Today’s Highlights:

  • Today in the Cafeteria: Cheesy chicken pasta bake with side Caesar salad and a garlic bread stick, hamburger pizza, thai chicken wraps.


  • All Triathlon athletes, please see Mrs. MacDonald in the office today.
  • All members of the Women’s Volleyball team Red please see Mrs. MacDonald at 11:45 in the office.

 Upcoming Events:

  • Tomorrow in the Cafeteria: Chicken quesadilla with Mexican rice and side salad, philly cheese steak flat bread hoagie, BBQ chicken pizza, BLT wraps.
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