June 2016

  • All students who did not receive report cards/exams/final projects are advised that they will be held at the school until students return in the fall. Administration will be back and the office will be open on August 25.
  • Students are reminded that lockers should have been emptied before leaving. All items left behind will be discarded/given away!
  • The following students have overdue Library materials and will be responsible for payment if not returned: Justin Bailey, Colton Blaisdell, Cordell Blaisdell (2), Dawn Boudreault (2), Kevin Burke, Marlee Clark, Colden Clory, Katelyn DeCoste, Chaucer Fraser, Noah Garnhum, Jakob Gosbee, Jasmine Katz, Isaac Kemp, Avery Lewis, Brent MacDonald,   Justin MacKay, Tori MacSwain, Jared Pirch, Samantha Pirch, Halle Quinn, Skyler Sentner, Keighan White.
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