May 26, 2016

It’s a “D-C” Day!

Happy Birthday to Chris Benoit. 

Welcome to the following guest staff:  Nicole Butler for Angela Killeen, Paige Richards for Logan Roche, Dean Lackie for Kelly Pike, Natasha Flood for Kirsten Walker, Sara Stewart for Logan Roche.

Today’s Highlights:

  • There will be a wrap-up meeting for the Environmental Club today at 3:10 in Mr. Trainor’s room. The Boys and Girls Club will be joining you.
  • Popcorn will be sold at the vocal concert this evening. There will also be opportunities to win cupcakes and a dish of jelly beans. Cupcake ballots are $1 each; while jelly bean guesses are 50¢ each or three for 75¢.

Outstanding Athletic Fees: (Reminder: These must be paid before the banquet or purchasing a Prom ticket.)

  • Men’s Rugby Fee ($30): Mark Morrison, Chandler Gordon, Dexter Fraser, Isaac Arbuckle, Logan Robertson, Matthew Ferguson, Justin McCarthy, Milo Ryan, Alex MacKinnon, Navjot Singh
  • Women’s Rugby Fee ($30): Alisha MacDonald, Amanda Gormley, Stephanie Bailey, Billie MacKay, Sarah Christensen, Ally Clements ($10 balance)
  • Women’s Softball Fee ($30): Kaitlyn Patton, Maddy Delodder, Kirsten Buchanan ($35), Marley MacNeill ($20), Tessa Steele ($35)
  • Banquet Fee ($5): Kurtis Paula, Luke Myers, Denver Bastedo, Sarah Visser, Kai Boyle, David Cain, Braden Stewart
  • Outstanding Fees: Jake Banks ($30), Kyle Parlee ($100), Jacob Bedell ($75), Ryan MacEachern ($75) 

Upcoming Events:

  • Yoga at lunch, 11:55am to 12:15pm, in Room 201 on Friday, May 27, mats provided.
  • On May 27, savour just a few of the succulent flavours of the world including a hearty fresh out of nature vegetable soup, a creamy, crish Greek salad paired with tangy, Juicy chicken slouvaki and tzatziki sauce, and a sweet, warm cornbread. To top all of this off, enjoy a tasty lemon soufflé and a refreshing tropical punch. All of this for just $8: book your meal now!
  • Yo Yo Yo! Rap Battle group will be starting up during lunch on Monday, May 30! If you’re interested in having a rap battle, please sign up in Student Services with Earl a.k.a Big Eazy.  If you have any questions, please see Colton Matheson a.k.a C.L. Bling. Peace Out.
  • MRHS Awards Banquet is on May 31 at 6:00pm.
  • Social Justice Diversity Club is meeting on Wednesday, June 1.
  • Any Grads who are interested in being part of the choir or being readers for the Grad Church Service should come to Learning Centre B at 11:45 on Wednesday, June 1. If you have any questions, see Ms. Beck or Ms. Anderson.
  • On June 1 at 6:30pm, a group of students from Mr. Kelly’s Global Issues class is hosting an event called “Promoting Prominence: An Evening with Inspirational Islanders”. Speakers include Brad Oliver, Paul MacNeill, Peter Bevan-Baker, Ross Young, Duncan McIntosh, Linda Brown, Jana Fur ness, and Sarah Bryenton. 

Student Services Information:

  • The PEI Federation of Agriculture, Island Lime and PEI Agromart Ltd. is offering a new $2000 scholarship. Students should see Ms. Toombs or Ms. Victor for an application.
  • The Belfast Minor Hockey Award deadline has been extended to June 3.
  • Applications for Grade 12 Awards are due to Student Services no later than June 3. See Ms. Toombs or Ms. Victor if you have any questions.

Athletic Department:

  • MRHS Juice Box Female Athlete of the Week: Maria Ferguson. Maria battled illness to compete in and finish the Triton Triathlon on Monday.
  • Athletes who owe fees for any sport can pay these at the PE office any day at noon. These must be paid in order to attend the awards banquet.
  • Ball Hockey Crossover Games: JASONS play Cardigan Flyers today.
  • Track and Field practice dates: May 31 and June 2. Regional East Meet is on May 26 at UPEI. PEISAA Provincial Championships are on June 3 and 4 at UPEI.


  • Prom Contracts are available in the office.  This form must be signed by the student and parent/guardian, then passed in to the ticket seller beforea Prom Ticket can be purchased. Tickets will be sold from May 31 until June 8, 2016.  Tickets are $25.00. ALL STUDENT AND ATHLETIC FEES MUST BE PAID AND UNIFORMS RETURNED IN ORDER TO PURCHASE A TICKET!
  • Prom Sign-in Contracts are also available in the office.  This contract must be signed and returned to Ms. Evans-Renaud for approval NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, MAY 27! 
  • The following students should visit the Library to discuss your accounts, many of which are overdue from October-March: Jake Banks, Lucas Batchilder, Ellie Beck, Colton Blaisdell, Dawn Boudreault, Kevin Burke, John Campbell, Zakery Chandler, Allie Cheverie, Marlee Clark, 0Keegan Creed, Dustin Fleming, Chaucer Fraser, Hannah Glover, Logan Glover, Tionna Gordon, Jakob Gosbee, Chloe Harris, Brett Hicken, Noah Inman, Mitchell Irving, Jasmine Katz, Isaac Kemp, Avery Lewis, Roey Loung, Ryan Lowery, Sierra MacDonald, Katlin MacKay, Kyla MacKenzie, Hannah MacKinnon, Topanga MacLean, Kyle MacMaster, Daniel Martell, Samantha Martell, Jackson Moore, Jared Pirch, Samantha Pirch, Halle Quinn, Matthew Quinn, Karla Regular, Darian Rice, Milo Ryan, Jonathan Schellekens, Skyler Sentner, Nikita Sheppard, Brandon Smith, Derek Snook, Austin Sorrie, Cody Taylor, David Thomas, Trevor Whalen, Keighan White.
  • Students and staff are reminded that the last day to borrow Library books will be Wednesday, June 1. All materials will be due on Wednesday, June 8.
  • Mindful Mondays: helping teens de-stress. Meeting on Mondays in the Library Conference room from 12:00 to 12:30pm.
  • Friday Song Requests can be submitted to Ms. Nabuurs or Haley MacLeod.
  • Breakfast Club is up and running, and is open for all students.
  • The Fitness Centre is open for students Monday to Thursday from 3:15 to 4:00 pm.
  • Anyone who would like to have a free peer tutor to help with his or her subjects, see Ms. Christie Beck.
  • All students are required to pay a $20 Student Fee each year. Payment should be made to the office.
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