June 17, 2015

Mental Health Tip of the Week – Know the difference between healthy and unhealthy perfectionism. Perfectionism tends to get a bad rap as something to be avoided for those who want to maintain good psychological health. However, it is possible to have healthy perfectionism, which basically refers to having standards that are at the high end of what you can reasonably attain.

Morning Exams Today: PHY521A, LAW521A, WRT421A

Afternoon Exams Today: BIO521A, FAM421A

Today’s Highlights:

  • Welcome to the following guest staff: Donna White for Bethany MacLeod
  • Students are reminded to clean out lockers and remove any items that could now go home or be discarded.
  • Extra yearbooks are available. Students can purchase one for $55 by visiting Kelly in the main office.

Summer Learning Registration Information:

Listing of Students With Overdue Library Books:

Acorn-MacDonald Tamara, Arsenault Katie, Bailey Stephanie, Baker Zoe, Banks Jake, Belong Sierra, Bernardino Austin, Blaisdell Cordell, Boudreault Dawn, Boutilier Brandon, Buell Caelab, Campbell Bailie, Chapman Chloe, Clark Marlee, Duncan Morgan, Ferguson Dylan, Fillmore Jessica, Fox Jordan, Fraser Dexter, Furness Sarah, Gallant Ben, Garnhum Noah, Gosbee Jakob, Grant Daniel, Halliday Rowan, Henbest , Rose, Hinks Stephanie, Hume Abbie, Inman Noah, Jackson Brittany, Johnston Ashley, Keefe Chelsey, King Kyle, Knight Jasmine, Lund Dawson, MacDonald Sierra, MacKay Billie, MacKinnon Emma, MacKinnon Hannah, MacLean Carley, MacLean Taylor, MacNeill Erin, MacPherson Amie, MacPherson Ryan, MacSwain Michaela, Marlin Taylor, Martell Jessica, Martin-MacLean Ashton, Matheson TaylorM, McGillivray Cassandra, McManus Abby, Morrison Max, Murphy Emma, Murphy KyleG, O’Brien Samantha, Parsons Alexandra, Pauley Maegan, Pineau Victoria, Pirch Samantha, Rafuse Rebecca, Richard Joseph, Robertson Kailley, Robertson Logan, Ross Dustin, Seeley Myles, Sentner Skyler, Shepard Robert, Taylor Damien, Thompson David, VanDenbroek Alyta, Villard Robert, Vincent Brandon, Weavers Hanna, Whiteway Charles, Young C.J., Young John Ross.

Athletic Department:

  • Viking Strength and Conditioning Club: If you are interested in training for sport or just getting in shape, plan to join the Viking Athletics Club. Weekly schedule for the summer is
  • Monday from 6:15 to 7:45
  • Wednesday from 6:15 to 7:45, and
  • Sunday from 1:00 to 2:30.
  • Club begins on June 22. For more information, students can contact Ron Annear at 628-7762.


  • All students are required to pay the $20 Student Fee.
  • Fall and winter athlete photos are for sale for $5; check at the main office. Please purchase your photo!
  • MRHS Athletic Clothing is still available at reduced prices! Articles are buy one and get one for 50% off!
  • Students are reminded that all missing items must be paid for or returned in order to receive final end of year reports. Home room teachers have been provided with listings of students with missing items. Payments may be made at the main offic
  • Thursday’s Morning Exams: GEO 521A, FRE 421A
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