May 8, 2015

It’s a “D-C” Day!

Welcome to the following guest staff today: Jenny McCarron for Lynn Hayes, Ellen MacCannell for Jennifer Victor, Darrell Bradley for Jonathan Hayes, Wanda Cheverie for Gail Johnston (am).

Happy Birthday to Leslie Creed and Maria Ferguson. Belated birthday greetings to Colin MacIntyre, Noah Hoskins, and Nolan McKenna who celebrated their birthdays over the weekend.

A big congratulations goes out to those students who represented Montague High on Friday evening at the Relay For Life.  The students were able to raise over $4,300 for the Cancer Society and were also awarded the prize for the team with the most spirit.  A sincere thank-you goes out to all of the staff and students who helped raise the money through numerous fund raising efforts over the past few weeks.

Mental Health Tip of the Week – Avoid Overreactions: Wait until some time has passed and your emotions have decreased in strength before deciding to act in some significant way. Generally speaking, people don’t stay angry for long, they forgive, you forgive, and life returns to normal. Many people tend to catastrophize (i.e. think of the worst case scenario) following stressful events, and they feel like they have to act NOW! Breathe, slow down, and wait until things have calmed down.

Today’s Highlights:

  • Students registered for Peer Helping 501 should see Ms. Beaton or Mr. Killeen to schedule an interview.
  • Yearbooks will be passed out during the lunch break. Students should visit the Yearbook Office. There might be a few extra books for sale. Check tomorrow.
  • Tickets for Prom are now on sale. Students are reminded that they must have paid their student fees before purchasing a ticket. Cost per ticket is $10. Contracts for students and sign-ins are in the main office; sign-in contracts are due Wednesday, June 10, in order to be reviewed.
  • Live Performance painting is happening at the waterfront every Friday from 12:00 to 1:00 pm.  We need more volunteers for this Friday coming up! We have heard that there are many of you who would like to participate, but you just need some encouragement!  If you would like to paint this Friday, give your names to Ms. Evans-Renaud.  They are looking for groups of three!

Athletic Department:

  • MRHS Awards Banquet – Tuesday, June 9, at 5:30 pm. Students are reminded that awards banquet dress is business casual (ie. dress, skirt, dress pants for girls, shirt and tie, golf shirt for guys).
  • All outstanding athletic fees and uniforms should be turned into Ms. Nabuurs or the main office this week.
  • The following students owe badminton athletic fees ($10): Donavan Bears, Kirsten Whiteway, Jake Banks, Mark Morrison, Riley Lavandier, Jesse Campbell. Please pay Ms. Nabuurs or the main office ASAP.
  • The following students owe rugby fees ($30): Denver Bastedo, Lucas Cann, Alisha MacDonald, Michaela MacSwain, Chloe Chapman, Tionna Gordon, Sarah Christensen, Kaytlin Chandler, Michelle MacLennan, Isaac Arbuckle, Jesse Campbell.
  • The following students owe softball fees ($30): Cameron Gillis, Cody Fitzpatrick

Upcoming Events:

  • We are pleased to recognize and honour the careers of five staff members who are retiring this year. We will be hosting a reception in the School Library on Wednesday, June 10, from 3:30 to 5:00 pm. Please join us as we reminisce with and acknowledge our retirees: Harold Brothers, Ralph Jamieson, and Bobby Nicholson. Also retiring are Peggy Flynn and Roderick MacDonald, who, unfortunately, are unable to attend.


  • All students are required to pay the $20 Student Fee.
  • All Grade 12 students must pay Student Fees before purchasing a ticket for and attending Prom.
  • Fall and winter athlete photos are for sale for $5; check at the main office. Please purchase your photo!
  • MRHS Athletic Clothing is on sale! All articles are buy one and get one for 50% off! Hoodies are $30, gym pants are $30, and T-shirts are $10. Athletic clothing is on sale in the ticket booth.
  • Students are reminded that all missing items must be paid for or returned in order to receive final end of year reports. Home room teachers have been provided with listings of students with missing items. Payments may be made at the main office.
  • Lost and Found: All items have been emptied out of the lost and found box. Please stop by the tables in the main lobby and pick up any lost items you may have. These unclaimed items will be donated today after school.
  • Exams start on Friday, June 12, 2015.

Public Service Announcements:

  • Come celebrate National Pollinator Week by planting native trees and shrubs at the Southeast Environmental Association’s Community Pollinator Park, located behind the High School. The planting will take place on Saturday, June 20, at 10:00am and go until all the plants are in the ground! There will be supplies on site, but if you have a shovel and gardening gloves bring them along. The Pollinator Park will not only provide a home for native pollinators, but it will also provide a great outdoor classroom for MRHS! It would be great to see some students come help out! Like Southeast Environmental-Association on Facebook to stay up-to-date on this event and more.
  • CoSolved Consulting proudly presents “Maker Camp” featuring littlebits electronics, Fab Lab Atlantic, 3D Printing and Graphic Design. Make something that does something! Camp runs on June 29, June 30 and July 2 (2.5 days) for ages 10+. Cost is $175 per student. Register at
  • Bricks 4 Kids Summer Camps – Making Learning Fun With Lego Bricks: Camps are being held in Charlottetown, Summerside, Alberton, Montague, and Cavendish. For a full description and to register online, please visit the website at or contact Amber Jadis at 902-731-2009 or by email at There is a poster up outside the main office here at the school.
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