June 13, 2014

Welcome to the following guest staff today: Donna White for Christie Beck (pm) and Graham MacDonald for Anne MacKinnon.

Happy Birthday to Mark Morrison, Julia Patton, Jason Reeves.

Exam Schedule:

  • This morning: ENG421A, ENG521A
  • This afternoon: BIO521A, SCI421A
  • Monday morning: MAT421A, MAT521A
  • Monday afternoon: HIS421A, GEO421A, GEO521A, CHM521A
  • Tuesday morning: FRE421A, FRE421B, HIS521A
  • Tuesday afternoon: CMP521A, PHY521A

Today’s Highlights:

  • We are now in Exam Mode.
  • The following students still have a balance owing on their yearbook. This needs to be paid before you get your report card. Madison Acorn, Chris Butler, Allie Cheverie, Maddy Clements, Jory Donovan, Alex Gay, Brooke Hancock, Robert Hicken, Kayla Howe, Mitchell Johnston, Hayley MacLeod, Rebecca Martell, Tyler McGillivray, Colton Morris, Daniel Morrison, Zack Munroe, Logan Robertson.
  • Josten’s shipped 15 extra yearbooks. They are for sale for $50 as long as supplies last! See Kelly at the main office to buy one.


  • The following students have outstanding library items which should be returned as soon as possible: Madison Acorn, Katie Arsenault, Zoe Baker, Dawn Boudreault, Kai Boyle, Scott Brehaut, Bailey Brydon, Caelab Buell, Chris Butler, Paige Butler, Danny Cain, Jesse Campbell, Chloe Chapman, Marlee Clark, Maddy Clements, Brittney Collette, Koltan Compton, Anthony Cormier, Patricia Crant, Kelly Drake, Matthias Drake, Taylor Ferguson, Lindsay Fitzpatrick, Jordan Fox, Ben Gallant, Matthew Gallo, Chase Gauthier, Colby Gillis, Brooke Hancock, Joel Hancock, Rose Henbest, Jorden Hicken, Ryan Holland, Hailey Irving, Chelsey Keefe, Quentin Kenny, Kendra Kerr, Rylan King, Peter Konstantakis, Kim Kristensen, Tyler Laird, Grace Lanigan, Mitchell Lannigan, Mia Levesque, Dakota Llewellyn, Willow M’Cloud, Alex MacDonald, Brody MacDonald, Samantha MacDonald, Sierra MacDonald, Amy MacKenzie, Alicia MacKinnon, Hannah MacKinnon, Taylor MacLean, Chase MacLeod, Gillian MacLeod, Amie MacPherson, Ryan MacPherson, Taylor Marlin, Bayley Matheson, Taylor J Matheson, Stephanie McBride, Cassandra McGillivray, Morgan McHerron, Hunter McIntyre, Dakota McKearney, Shyanna McKenna, Cian McTavish, Amy Moore, Tyler Moore, Brandon Morris, Deanna Morris, Daniel Morrison-Benoit, Dylan Murphy, Tynan Murphy, Emily Norton, Samantha O’Brien, Timothy O’Connor, John Paula, Caitlyn Perrot, Samantha Pirch, Dakota Quinn, Rebecca Rafuse, Jamie Robertson, Kailley Robertson, Owen Shaw, Robert Shepard, Andrea Smith, Brandon Smith, Kimberley Stevenson, Kaitlyn Stewart, Hanna Weavers, Anya Whiteway, Charles Whiteway, C.J. Young, John Ross Young.

Athletic Department:

  • PEI U16 & U18 Men’s Rugby tryouts are on Sunday, June 15, from 1pm-3pm at Bluefield High School.
  • Basketball Camp at Montague Intermediate School: August 25-28 for Grades 6-12 girls and boys. For more information, contact jcmorris@edu.pe.ca or 838-0860.
  • The MRHS Female Athletes of the Week are Julia Patton and Mikayla McGuirk. 
  • Julia got a double in the last inning to start a 6 run rally in the Women’s Softball Bronze Medal win over Charlottetown Rural. Julia also played well in the field, making several key plays. Her team spirit will be missed next year! 
  • Mikayla led the forwards both offensively and defensively, making several key tackles and scoring a try in the Women’s Rugby Bronze Medal win over Bluefield.  
  • The MRHS Male Athlete of the Week is Hunter McIntyre. Hunter placed 2nd in the Midget Boys 100m dash and 2nd in the long jump at the PEISAA Provincial Championships this past weekend.
  • Noted below are students who have outstanding balances in Athletics, to be paid as soon as possible.
  • Rugby Fees: Liam Thompson $30, Cordell Blaisdell $35, Lucas Cann $35, Peter Konstantakis $30, Jory Donovan $30, Michaela LaPorte $30, Kim Stevenson $30, Ali White $30, Bethany MacKenzie $30, and Chloe Chapman $30.
  • Softball Fees: Kyle Murphy $35, Cole Jenkins $35, and Taylor Ferguson $35.
  • Track and Field Fees: Tynan Murphy $10, and Hunter MacIntyre $10.
  • The following students must return their uniforms to Ms. Nabuurs or the main office ASAP. You will not receive your report card until your uniform is handed in.
  • Women’s Rugby – Michaela LaPorte, Alyssa Ferguson, Ali White, Bailie Campbell, Amanda Gormley, Sarah Visser
  • Women’s Volleyball – Olivia Jamieson
  • Men’s Softball – Mark Morrison, John Duncan, Andrew MacLeod, Kyle Murphy, Cameron Gillis, Brett Hicken, Cameron Glover, Cole Jenkins, Denver Bastedo
  • Women’s Soccer – Bailie Campbell, Alisha MacDonald
  • Track and Field – Billie MacKay, Hannah Glover, Emma Collings, Noah Inman, Morganne Rice, Bailie Campbell, Amanda Gormley, Alanna VanWiechen, Jesse Annear, Mark Morrison, Anthony McGuigan, Alyssa Ferguson, Daniel Whalen, Nadine Blue, Hunter MacIntryre, Allie Boyle, Danielle Collings, Emma MacDonald, Tyler MacGillivray, Chaucer Fraser, Sarah Visser, David Thompson, Tynan Murphy, Willis VanWiechen
  • The Viking Strength & Conditioning Club offers the following training times: Tuesday 6:15-7:45, Thursday 6:15-7:45 and Sunday 1:00-2:30 pm. For more information contact Ron Annear at 628-7762.
  • Spring Basketball on Mondays from 7-9 pm for all girls interested in playing for MRHS next year.


  • Requests for the Friday song: Submit a copy of lyrics and your name to Ms. Dowd or Colton Matheson.
  • All students are responsible for Student Fees which are payable at the main office.

Student Services:

  • Summer School will be offered at Colonel Gray High School this summer. Registration deadline is June 19; however, students are advised to register ASAP. Students can get all the information you need (courses offered, schedule, etc.) from Student Services.

Public Service Annnouncements:

  • The Northumberland Fisheries Festival, happening on July 24-27, 2014, is looking for girls ages 14-18 to participate in the Miss. Northumberland Pageant! All who are interested in a great experience can call 962-3327 or email kjohnston5592@gmail.com for more info. Also NEW to this year’s festival – a Ground Hockey Tournament! 7 players per team – contact Jason Whiteway at 969-8470 or find him on facebook to register. There is a “Catch Me If You Can” 5k Run/Walk – $10.00 entry – sign up by June 30 for a free T-shirt – call Karri Ferguson at 962-2151 to register.
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