Monday, June 11, 2012

It’s a “C-D” Day!

Happy Birthday to Dylan Ferguson, Dustin Henderson, Tony Nabuurs, and JoJo Orsatti. We also extend belated greetings to Jamie Vuozzo, Danny Cain and Michelle Rose who celebrated their birthdays over the weekend.

Welcome to the following guest staff today: Donna White for Bethany MacLeod, Martin Zver for Seana Evans-Renaud, and Wanda Cheverie for Toby Murphy.

Today‘s Highlights:

  • Morning Exams: ENG621A and FAM621A.
  • Afternoon Exams: CHM621A, HIS621X and FRE621A.
  • Extra yearbooks are available in the main office. Price is $45.
  • Both Prom and Graduation Ceremony photos have been or will be taken by members of the photo club. They are raising money to buy accessories and new lenses for the club camera. If you would like a copy e-mailed to you, please give your email address (and a minimum donation of $2) to Mrs. Lowther in Room 115. Photos will be sent out up until June 30. Thank you for your support.

Athletic Department:

  • The fitness center will be open mornings, at lunch, and after school most days until the end of the year, for students who are interested in making up Phys Ed time.

Student Services:

  • Volunteer Opportunity: Montague Summer Days are looking for volunteers June 23 & 24th. These hours can go towards your George Coles Bursary hours! Please contact student services if interested!
  • Community Service Bursary: Any graduating students who have registered for the Community Service Bursary should see Mr. Conohan or Ms. Coady for some important information.
  • Scholarships and Transcripts: Grade 12 students who have applied to colleges or universities are reminded that you must come to Student Services and indicate on the list on Ms. Coady’s door where you would like your final transcript sent. Also, please notify Ms. Coady or Mr. Conohan of any scholarship offers you will be accepting.
  • Grade 12 Information Sheets: Grade 12 students and Homeroom teachers are asked to please ensure that Grade 12 student info sheets have been completed and updated.  The information provided on these sheets is extremely valuable in the school’s deliberations for grad awards and student recognition.


  • REWARD!  A reward is being offered to the person or persons who safely return the missing World Book Encyclopedias. Missing are C-Ch 2010 and Ci-Cz 2006.  Please see Mrs. MacDougall-Turner to collect the reward.  We want the books not your name!
  • If you have an overdue book that is lost, please see the office or Mrs. MacDougall-Turner for the cost of the book. All library books must be returned and/or accounts cleared before report cards will be printed.
  • Do you need a quiet spot to study during exams? Exam time study room and computer sign up sheets are available. Please come to the library to sign up!

Upcoming Events:

  • Tuesday’s Morning Exams: MAT611B and MAT621A.
  • Tuesday’s Afternoon Exams: AGS801A, PED621A, POL621A, and SOC621F.
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