Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It’s a “C-D” Day!

Happy Birthday to Nat Peardon, Sarah Somers and Mitchell White.

Congratulations to the Men’s Rugby team on your victory over Morell last night. The men advance to the Championship game next Tuesday.

Welcome to the following guest staff today: Jordan Daigle for Zak Likely, Meaghan Lister for Lianne Garland, Eric VanWiechen for Karen Malone, Ashley McGuigan for Mary Ellen Lowther, Donna White for Brian Somers, Greg Felix for Carl Evans, Martin Zver for Glenda McInnis, Justin Simard for Peggy Flynn (pm), Jennifer Dixon for Charlie Trainor, Robert Kaufman for Ralph Jamieson, Angela Drane for Krista MacFarlane, Mike Hambly for Denise Arbing, Jocelyn Brothers for Yvonne Higgins (pm), and Wanda Cheverie for Gail Greene. Students should note that there are no staff in Student Services today.

Today‘s Highlights:

  • Will the following students please see Ms. Dowd at 9:05 or asap: Cody Forrester, Willis VanWiechen, Dustin MacDonald, Allie Boyle, Sarah Campbell, Ryley Somers, Zach Pirch, Daniel Nicholson, Lily Klein, Hannah Nabuurs, Danielle Rice, Ben Lanigan, Cole MacLeod, and Luke Collings.
  • There will be a short, but important, peer help block meetings today.
  • The hot dog and juice sale that was scheduled for today in aid of the CSLC participants has been postponed until tomorrow due to the weather. Cost is $2.00 for a hot dog and juice.
  • Culinary meal being served today at 11:45 until 12 noon: shish kabobs, soft dinner rolls, carrot orange soup, moujadora rice, mini fruit pie tarts, fudgy bon bons and a fruity two-layer drink. Cost is $7.
  • Any students who have signed up for peer help for next year, please see Mrs. Hicken before you leave for the summer, to set up an appointment for an interview. You must have an interview before you can be accepted into the program.

Athletic Department:

  • The fitness center will be open mornings, at lunch, and after school most days until the end of the year, for students who are interested in making up Phys Ed time.

Student Services:

  • New Scholarships available: Global Automotive Scholarship (for students pursuing a career in the automotive field); PEI Roadrunners Bursary (for students who have participated in organized running events); Save Everyday Scholarships (for students who have made exception accomplishments in any of the following fields: Leadership, Community and Volunteering, Art/Culture/Recreation, Business, Science and Technology, Government and Politics).
  • Grade 12 students are reminded that the deadline to complete applications for the Applied For Grad Awards is June 6.
  • Grade 12 students who have applied to colleges or universities are reminded that you must come to Student Services and indicate on the list on Ms. Cody’s door where you would like your final transcript sent. Also, please notify Ms. Cody or Mr. Conohan of any scholarship offers you will be accepting.
  • Grades 10 and 11 students are reminded that the deadline to apply for the Encounters with Canada program during the 2012-2013 school year is May 31. Applications can be picked up at Student Services or the main office.

Upcoming Events:

  • Battle of the Bands Competition is being held this Thursday, May 31, starting at 7:00 pm. Support your CSLC and plan to attend this great event!
  • There will be a meeting on Friday, June 1, in Room 119 for all those grads interested in participating in the church service at graduation. We need people to sing in the choir, read, someone to lead the service, play the organ, etc. It is the best part of the grad day, so please take part! See you on Friday in Ms. McInnis’ room at 11:55 am.
  • Culinary will be serving a meal on Friday: Sweet Apple Ice Tea, Irish Potato Soup, Sheppard’s Pie, Bannock Bread, and Lemon Meringue Pie. Price is $7 per plate; book your meal today!
  • Students in Cooperative Work Studies classes are reminded that your final project is to be ready to present on Thursday, June 7th (no exceptions).  Please see Mrs. MacLeod for an outline if you have “misplaced” your copy.
  • MRHS is hosting a mobile blood donor clinic on Thursday, June 7. This event is open to all 17 and over. To book an appointment, please call 1-888-to-donate or book online at  If you are too young, please ask a family member or a friend to sign up.
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