Friday, May 18, 2012

It’s a “D-C” Day!

Happy Birthday to: Kearsen Duffney.

Welcome to the following guest staff today: Justin Simard for Peggy Flynn, Eric VanWiechen for Anne MacKinnon, Heather Cardy for Krista MacFarlane (pm), Linda Peric for Alana Trainor, Jocelyn Brothers for Lynn Hayes, Wanda Cheverie for Toby Murphy, Gayle Clement for Gail Greene, and Tracy Schurman for Kelly Matheson.

Today is the last day of Spring Fling! It’s Generation Day: Grade 10’s dress as babies; Grade 11’s dress as adults; Grade 12’s dress as seniors. Which home room had the best participation this week?

Todays Highlights:

  • The canned juice machine in the Cafeteria will not be filled with product until after prom. Any students or staff wishing to purchase canned juice can do so from the machine in the hallway.
  • Staff and students should note that this is last week to have mechanic work done on your vehicles in the Automotive Shop. Speak to Mr. Brothers.
  • Peer Helpers: No block meetings this week.
  • Graduates:  Anyone applying for any of the Viking pins, you are reminded that today is the deadline. Applications are available in the office and should be passed in to the librarian.  NO applications will be accepted after 3 pm today.
  • Found Items: The following items have been turned in to the office: Toyota car key, Red 4GB USB stick, ladies ring with ruby stone and diamonds. If any of these articles belong to you, please see Kelly in the office.

Athletic Department:

  • All students are encouraged to join in the fun at this year’s Awards Banquet on June 7, starting at 6:00 pm. Tickets will be sold at lunch from May 22 to May 29.
  • Female volleyball players interested in putting a 3 person team in a beach volleyball tournament in Summerside on June 2 should see Ms. Dowd for further details.
  • Field hockey players who are interested in playing summer field hockey should see Ms. Dowd for details.
  • Women’s Softball practice today from 3:30 to 5:30.
  • The fitness center will be open mornings, at lunch, and after school most days until the end of the year, for students who are interested in making up Phys Ed time.


  • ALL library books, including kobo e-readers, are to be returned by Monday, June 4.
  • Win an autographed copy of Gift of Six by Michael Corney!  What do all the books in the display case have in common? Write your answer on a ballot in the library. Hint: Thank you to everyone who helped get these books! Draw date is May 25th.
  • Thank you for returning 1 of the missing World Book Encyclopedia books!  However there are still two World Book Encyclopedia books missing from our collection.  They are a C-Ch from 2010 edition and Ci-Cz from 2006 edition.  PLEASE return them to the library if found!
  • On Wednesday, May 23, Patti Larsen will be visiting Mr. Lea’s writing class to conduct a writing workshop on writing scripts for stage and screen.  Students from last semester’s writing classes may be interested in attending. Any students interested in attending please see Mrs. MacDougall-Turner in the library.
  • Students and Staff: A library book order will be submitted very soon.  If you have suggestions please add them to the bulletin board lists in the library.

Upcoming Events:

  • All vocal music and choir students are reminded that you have rehearsal Monday afternoon at 12:30 at MRHS cafeteria. You should bring all assigned costumes and props. Attendance is mandatory.
  • The vocal music department’s spring concert, “MRHS Meets Disney” is Tuesday night at 7:00 in the MRHS Cafeteria. Tickets are $5 each or $4 for students and seniors.
  • Blood Typing Clinic: Any students who are under the age of 17 in the school who want to find out their blood type can do so in the lobby next Tuesday. Anyone under 17 requires a permission form available from Mr. Trainor in Room 131. All other students or staff are welcome to attend.
  • CSLC participants are going to hold a Battle of the Bands Competition on Thursday, May 31, starting at 7:00 pm. If you belong to a band and would like to compete, you can pick up a registration form from Ms. MacLeod, Mrs. Hicken, or Ms. Beck. Today is the last day to register your band!
  • BBQ!!! The CSLC participants will be having a BBQ on Wednesday, May 23. Note the date change! You can get a hot dog and a juice for only $3.00. Please come out and support this great cause.
  • Reminder to Cooperative Work Studies classes that your final project is to be ready to present on Thursday, June 7th (no exceptions).  Please see Mrs. MacLeod for an outline if you have “misplaced” your copy.

Student Services:

  • Holland College Entrance Scholarships (Extended): The deadline for application to entrance scholarships at Holland College has been extended to May 22nd 2012. Applications for entrance scholarships at Holland College are available online or in student services.
  • Final Transcripts: Grade 12 students who are continuing on in post secondary education next year are asked to come into student services and let us know where they would like their final transcripts sent. A sign up sheet is available on Ms. Coady’s door.
  • Graduation Recognition: Grade 12 students who have been awarded scholarships and bursaries for their post secondary education are asked to please bring in a copy of their letter indicating the name of the award and amount to student services. This information will be used to make announcements at the graduation ceremony.
  • Grade 12 Graduation Awards (Requiring Application): The 2012 Applied For Graduation Awards List and applications are available at Student Services.  The deadline for these applications is June 6th with the exception of the Belfast Minor Hockey Award Application which is due today.
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